The i3000 Series has a large, 250-sheet document feeder which allows users to rapidly proc...

Offering up to 130 pages per minute the Canon DR-G1130 adds to the already impressive...

Wasting hours rummaging through boxes and cabinets is unacceptable in today's business. We need to save staff resources and locate documents quickly. We need to share information and save office space.

Imaging Station prides itself on being a leading supplier of information managment solutions.

Abbyy FineReader Corporate Edition

ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition is an intelligent OCR and PDF conversion software designed specifically for corporate environments. It combines the highest level of accuracy and format retention with robust networking capabilities, such as concurrent user support and distributed document processing over a network. It is the ideal solution for companies that need to extract and reuse information from a variety of paper documents and PDF files for editing and archiving purposes.

Abbyy Finereader

PDF Docs

pdfDocs is a flexible tool designed to produce PDF documents from all applications, organise and manipulate these documents, and then save into document management systems or email to your customers.

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PDF Docs

Kodak Capture

Kodak Capture Pro is a complete scanning front end, able to batch process, read barcodes, keyword lists and provide zonal OCR of your scanned documents. Additional features include exporting metadata to 3rd party databases.

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Capture Pro

ScanFile Document Management

ScanFile is the fast, secure and easy to use solution to your document management requirements. Whether your need is for a single user system, or for a company-wide solution over a LAN, WAN, or global access via the internet, ScanFile's modular design can be tailored to your requirements.

ScanFile 2003 is the core application, allowing you to design and configure the document folders to your exact requirements, and then to scan or send documents to those folders.

With ScanFile WebServer, you can give anyone, anywhere in the world access to your document libraries. ScanFile RemoteStation is a client-server application that allows you to send documents to a central ScanFile store from any location.


File Director

FileDirector makes storing, classification and the retrieval and distribution of documents quick and efficient. FileDirector is based on a modular system, which allows a company to effectively tailor their own solution, and as the company grows FileDirector can fully adapt to meet the demands.

One of the major benefits that FileDirector offers is the opportunity of growth. No matter how big or small the organisation is, FileDirector can adapt to meet demands. FileDirector encourages scalability externally as well as internally, allowing the growth of an organizations' document management solution to be comprehensively universal.

File Director

TDM Data Viewer

Powerful drawing management and CAD document management software that is easy to implement and easy to use.

What Makes Dv TDM Exceptional?
Dv TDM is exceptional in the way it delivers management and control of documents in a powerful yet simple manner. Dv TDM delivers such features as version control, access control, workflow, and reference file management in a way that you enables you to receive the benefits quickly. On a feature compare basis Dv TDM all so stands out with unique features such as;

  • 3D Compare
  • Support for different database types
  • Licenses that float from the web to the client user
  • Dv TDM Links
  • Bills of Material
  • Reference File Management
  • Document Control
  • Email Management
  • Content Searching
  • Security
  • Workflow
  • Reference Files
  • Sending Links

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TDM Dataviewer


Capture data automatically from paper-based and electronic sources.
Process and automate repetitive, exception and people-driven activities.
Manage and track information and decision points for organizational compliance.

  • As a result, businesses:
  • Achieve new levels of agility
  • Deliver greater customer value
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Shorten deployment time
  • Improve visibility and control of key processes

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Liquid Office

LiquidOffice redefines business process management (BPM) in the enterprise by accelerating cycles, ensuring compliance, and connecting people with information and processes, regardless of location. Plus, its integration of Autonomy's market-leading enterprise search makes LiquidOffice the first and only BPM solution that enables real-time access to, and use of, time-sensitive content throughout the process lifecycle.

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Liquid Office
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